Passionate about fashion & sports photography, I focus on capturing a moment in space and time. I try to go behind the physical and focus on the spirituality behind the shot framed in my lens. Photographers are artists, and though I am artistic and can paint, photography is my greatest passion.

My photography is an extension of my mind and thought process. A photograph starts as an idea in my head and I thrive on the challenge of bringing it to fruition – from concept to end product. I love photographing landscapes and capturing the serenity of nature. Yet, out of all the various types of photography, fine art photography has always appealed to me the most.

Fine art is a way to express oneself: I can state my thoughts, opinions, create or capture beauty in numerous forms and it gives me the opportunity to photograph whatever I want, however I want or represent how I feel, as an expression in and of a moment. The process can take days, weeks or even months to plan out the execution of a fine art piece, and in the end you capture your conception and hope others view and react to the image.

Check out some of my work: